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why are some people just jerks quora - many people act like jerks because they assume others have bad intentions and hence are jerks themselves here s a story i was standing around in a busy street in washington d c, why are some people jerks yahoo answers - well some people deal with emotional troubles or problems and so become jerks and use it as an excuse while others just love to be jerk y and find it funny while the rest of the people are being jerks to look cool to his her peers, the science behind why some people are jerks bustle - newsflash scientists may have answered the immortal question why are people such jerks research into the science of selfishness by two yale psychologists adam bear and david rand shows, why some people are selfish jerks business insider - the trustee then returned some of that money to the investor in the second round the investor became the trustee and vice versa, 5 scientific reasons people act like assholes cracked com - 5 weird celebrity myths too many people still believe we re obsessed celebrities but celebs are pretty normal folks that s why everyone just makes stuff up about them, science explains why some people are attracted to jerks - we all know at least one that friend who complains incessantly about his fickle girlfriend and yet keeps going back to her even though most of the time she doesn t treat him well, why some people are jerks when they drink alcohol men s - but thanks to the boost in impulsivity even people who consider themselves to be nice when they re sober can turn into jerks when they re drunk, 6 reasons why you re a jerk psychology today - when people are really insensitive to offending or hurting other people the recipients tend to end up on my couch some of the behavior described may be narcissism